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AB Trailer Rental & Hire (hereafter referred to as “The Company”) has established this Cookie Policy (last updated 11th July 2013) to explain what 'cookies' are and how it uses and manages information in relation to the use of 'cookies'.

1. What is a 'cookie'?
A 'cookie' is a small text based program which is used to both improve a user's experience of a website and to establish the behaviour of visitors to a website.

2. Can 'cookies' harm my computer?
So long as you are visiting professional and reputable websites 'cookies' will not harm your computer in any way, though obviously we cannot vouch for those of a suspect nature. Usually the 'cookie' will be used to make your use of a website a better experience and to help the website owner understand how visitors are using their website, such as with Google Analytics.

3. Do 'cookies' invade my privacy in any way?
Around 95% of 'cookies' do not store any personal information about you in any way or form. Around 5% of 'cookies' may recognise your computer's IP address, mainly to make life easier for you, such as reconnect you to a saved shopping basket at a website (eg Argos, Tesco etc).

4. How we use 'cookies'
At this website we use third party 'cookies' supplied by Google for the purposes of running Google Analytics. Google Analytics helps us establish how visitors use this website - it does not acquire, nor store, any personal information about you, simply how you behaved when viewing the website (eg which pages you visited and which you appeared to like most). This information helps us to provide better content/information for you future visitors. This cookie expires as soon as you leave the website.

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